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Office Premises, Sollihull - Case Study

Office Premises, Sollihull - Case Study

Office Premises, Sollihull - Case Study

Customer description: Office Premises, Sollihull. 

Requirement: Replace existing system with new one

Overview: The client wished to replace the existing horizontally mounted canopies and replace them with a new system based on horizontal mullions and bird beak blade supports.

Solution: Aluminium Systems de-installed all of existing 300 mm wide elliptical louvre blades and horizontal mullions and removed them from site. A completely new system was then fabricated and installed, using a new 300 mm wide blade system, with GRP bird beak fixing brackets. The bird beak was designed specifically for the project, and integrated with Aluminium Systems proprietary mullion extrusion.

The challenges: The offices that the Brise Soleil shaded were fully operational, and had staff members using the premises on a daily basis. This meant that both the de installation of the old system, and the installation of the new system had to be undertaken with members of the public nearby. 
The project had to be carefully co ordinated with the office staff to ensure their safety, whilst at the same time getting the project completed. This involved carefully planning all aspects of the work to be done, right down to the removal of mature shrubs and their subsequent safe replanting once the works were complete!

The project involved a considerable amount of weekend and evening work by installation and delivery staff, to minimise disruption to the everyday operation of the offices.

Brise Soleil Horizontally Mounted Canopy

The most popular of all Brise Soleil configurations, horizontally mounted canopies are generally mounted immediately above the glazed area that they are shading. Most horizontal canopies have a projection of between 500 mm and 1,500 mm, which is generally more than adequate to shade the windows or doors below. Options include joining a number of canopies together to form a continuous run, corner units, and overhead support arms.

The brackets that fix the canopies to the wall can either be fixed to the structure before render is applied (generally the case on a new build) or in the case of retro fitting to existing buildings, can be fixed to the external finish. In both cases the brackets are powder coated to match the rest of the system.

Plant Room Doors

Louvre doors are designed to either be stand alone units, or to integrate into a continuous louvre wall solution.

Consisting of an outer frame, and a hinged inner frame which forms the door itself. The inner frame has the louvre blades mounted on it and houses the door handle mechanism, locks etc.

If the door is integrated into a continuous louvre wall, then design is such that it forms an almost seamless part of the wall. Louvre doors can open inwards or outwards depending on specific requirements.