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Case Studies

Case Studies

Data Hall Cooling / Security Walls - Case study

Client:  Internet Service Provider

Requirement: Data Hall Cooling Walls

Overview: The client has built six data halls within a secure premises. Each data hall was required to have floor to ceiling louvred walls which run the entire length of the rooms. In total over 600 m2 of ventilation louvre walls.

The solution: Aluminium Systems Ltd installed heavy duty box sections to create a framework of vertical and horizontal supports. Each framework standing over 5 metres high and with widths of up to 40 metres, fixed to heavy duty steel uprights, and bolted to the floor. This framework formed the basis of each of the systems, which consisted of vertical mullions carrying 30 x 145 mm wide elliptical blades at 100 mm centres.

The challenges: Three of six data halls were on the ground floor, with remaining three immediately above them. The louvre blades were each supplied at a length of 7.5 metres and then trimmed to exact size in situ. This meant that a total of 900 blades were supplied to site, of which 450 had to be brought up to the first floor by telehandler and then manoeuvred by hand into position. The supply, delivery and safe storage of the blades required careful logistical management and clear and accurate communications between the site management, the installation team and the delivery company.

Each of the data halls required a carefully planned timetable of events to ensure that the delivery and installation of the framework, louvre blades and flashings occurred at the correct point in the overall project timeline. Working closely with other trades, such as flooring and ceiling fitters, electricians and air conditioning engineers, our fabrication, delivery and installation teams were able to ensure “just in time” delivery and fitting.

The project was delivered on time and within budget.

Fire Escape Screening - Case study

Client: Developer, Accra, Ghana.

Requirement: To enclose seven storey fire escape.

Overview: The developer, who is a long term client of Aluminium Systems, built a substantial office block incorporating a ground floor car dealership, and his own head offices on the seventh floor. He considered that the building would be enhanced by the fitting of louvre blades around the entire fire escape, plus further runs of continuous louvre walls to hide roof mounted water tanks and to provide privacy to the penthouse office suites.

Solution: A three sided louvre wall was constructed using 145 mm wide elliptical louvre blades, running from ground floor to seventh floor, with fire escape doors incorporated on the ground floor. This part of the system was bolted back to the steel fire escape, whilst the privacy and sight screens were fixed back to modified existing structural steel frame. Please see the additional images for the integrated louvred fire escape door with one-way operation for security and integrated pull bar which was manufactured with eliptical blade to match the louvre wall.

Challenges: The major challenge with this project was the fact that the installation was complex and unusual, and 4,500 miles away. Aluminium Systems shipped the system in ready-made sub-assemblies, all carefully wrapped, identified and labelled. Then a two man team attended site once the materials had cleared customs, and spent two weeks supervising the initial part of the installation. Once satisfied that the local work force were sufficiently experienced, they returned to the UK, and the total installation was completed within the following six weeks.

The building, called The Grand Oyeman, is now a well established landmark in the business district of Accra, and the louvre walls covering the fire escape are floodlit at night.


"Nowak Developments Limited is a Property Development Company in Ghana and we have used Aluminium Systems for all of our solar shading and screening requirements for the past seven years. We are not just a satisfied customer but, a very happy one at that. We are happy with the quality of their products, attention to detail and customer service in general and strongly recommend them"

Oko N. Omaboe | Nowak Developments Limited

Motorised Brise Soleil with built-in solar panels - Case Study

Client: Kuwait University

Requirement: Motorised Brise Soleil with built in solar panels

Overview: The client wished to combine shading of large roof windows with power generation using solar panels as louvres.

Solution: Aluminium Systems commissioned a UK based solar panel manufacturer to produce custom solar panels and associated wiring and control systems. These were mounted in heavy duty frames designed to fit into the University’s roofing system.

The solution consisted of three large Brise Soleil systems which created a solar power generating array, the output of the entire system was then sent back into the University’s power distribution system. A computer program was created to control the position of the blades throughout the day in order to track the Sun, then to return the blades to their original position in the evening, ready for the following day.

The challenges: As this was a completely bespoke system, it had to be developed “from the ground up”. So a test system was built to prove the feasibility of the solution, this was then modified in order to introduce improvements until it finally evolved into a system suitable for production. All three production systems were fully built and tested, then disassembled and packed for shipping, complete with detailed installation and commissioning instructions. The system was shipped to site and installed by a locally based installation company.

Office Premises, Sollihull - Case Study

Customer description: Office Premises, Sollihull. 

Requirement: Replace existing system with new one

Overview: The client wished to replace the existing horizontally mounted canopies and replace them with a new system based on horizontal mullions and bird beak blade supports.

Solution: Aluminium Systems de-installed all of existing 300 mm wide elliptical louvre blades and horizontal mullions and removed them from site. A completely new system was then fabricated and installed, using a new 300 mm wide blade system, with GRP bird beak fixing brackets. The bird beak was designed specifically for the project, and integrated with Aluminium Systems proprietary mullion extrusion.

The challenges: The offices that the Brise Soleil shaded were fully operational, and had staff members using the premises on a daily basis. This meant that both the de installation of the old system, and the installation of the new system had to be undertaken with members of the public nearby. 
The project had to be carefully co ordinated with the office staff to ensure their safety, whilst at the same time getting the project completed. This involved carefully planning all aspects of the work to be done, right down to the removal of mature shrubs and their subsequent safe replanting once the works were complete!

The project involved a considerable amount of weekend and evening work by installation and delivery staff, to minimise disruption to the everyday operation of the offices.

Out of town retail outlet Brise Soleil Installation - Case Study

Customer description: Out of Town retail outlet

Requirement: Vertically mounted fixed blade Brise Soleil

Overview: The client had taken over an old retail outlet and wanted to give it a complete make over, including architectural screening detail to the upper elevation where it joined the roof.

Solution: The building required the vertical screening to all four sides, which meant that multiple sets of mitred corners were required to achieve a continual run of louvre blades. Personnel access to the roof was also required, which meant hinged doors with the same continuous louvres were set into the louvre walls at various positions.

The challenges: The building required the vertical screening to all four sides, which meant that multiple sets of mitred corners were required to achieve a continual run of louvre blades. Personnel access to the roof was also required, which meant hinged doors with the same continuous louvres were set into the louvre walls at various positions.



Turn-Key Package for High Street Bank - Case Study

Case Study: Customer description: High Street Bank in Ghana

Requirement: Motorised upright louvre blades and fixed blade Brise Soleil

Overview: The client wished to have a combination of motorised adjustable window louvres, a fixed blade shading canopy and a fixed blade roof screen

Solution: Aluminium Systems designed the various elements of the systems, using a combination of 200 mm and 145 mm wide elliptical blades.
The 200 mm wide blades were attached to top and bottom frames, set within the window reveals, which housed the actuators and connectors for the adjustable window louvre blinds. The 145 mm wide blades were used for the fixed blade elements of the system, and were attached to the building using standard vertical and horizontal mullions with bird beak blade supports built in to them.

The challenges: The initial trial systems supplied were for five bank branches, which involved five horizontal canopy systems, five vertical screen systems and a total of 35 motorised systems. These were all fabricated in the UK, dismantled and packed in kit form for shipping to Ghana. The kits included all of the powder coated aluminium elements, the electric motors, the connecting systems, the wiring harnesses and remote wireless controllers. 

All of the kits were colour coded and labelled for ease of identification once on site. Each branch kit had a comprehensive parts list and full installation and test instructions. The first branch, which was in the city of Kumasi, was installed under supervision by Aluminium Systems staff. Subsequent braches were installed by local installation teams. 

This is part of an ongoing rebranding project that the bank expects to roll out to all its’ other branches across Ghana over time.